19 Jan 13
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So I was thinking about Damon and Elena and how she said ‘just let me come to you’ and all when all of a sudden I thought to myself;

"She wants the D"

And started laughing hysterically. I’m questioning my sanity.

23 Nov 12
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Dear tvd blogs who are following me,

I usually check my new followers blogs and follow them but I was away from tumblr for a bit and I gained a few hundred followers so I couldn’t go through them. Can you guys message me if you want me to check out your blogs? I wanna follow more TVD blogs :)

16 Nov 12
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10 Nov 12
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Is anyone else thinking the possibility that if by some miracle there IS a cure for vampirism, it won’t just turn them back to a human but it will turn them back to a human at their actual age? For example Stefan is 100+ years old and if he turns back he won’t be 17 but 100+ and he’ll be dead considering he wouldn’t have been alive at that age. Could it be an option?

9 Oct 12
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This Will Be On My Mind Tomorrow

    me waking up: tvd tomorrow
    while eating breakfast: tvd tomorrow
    going to school: tvd tomorrow
    during school: tvd tomorrow
    friends ask me something: i dont care tvd tomorrow
    coming home: tvd tomorrow
    having dinner: tvd tomorrow
    during shower: tvd tomorrow
    8.00 pm: tvd tomorrow!
    trying to sleep: tvd tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
24 Jul 12
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4x01 is titled “Growing Pains”
7 Jun 12
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The books are called “The Vampire Diaries,” so we knew we had to have a journalling element. Although, Kevin, to this day, he hates it so much — even we first started he said “I can’t wait until we can get rid of this diary stuff.”

Julie Plec

it’s ironic how %70 of the fanbase wants those diary moments back…

2 Jun 12
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do any of you ever wonder how Damon, Elena, Alaric and Jeremy would have turned out if Klaus and Stefan never came back to mystic falls? Because lately that’s all i can think of. So many possibilities.

28 May 12
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TVD | “Let’s kill Klaus!” [HUMOR]

24 May 12
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hey since summer is nearly here and we’re out of tvd, i want to focus on my writing and i want to write fanfics throughout the summer… mostly one-shots since i cant keep up with a plot. But anyway, i really want to return to writing fanfiction this summer and i need ideas so if you have any ideas, prompts and such i’d be more than happy to hear them :)

23 May 12
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Damon met Elena 3 years ago today!!!
17 May 12
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First of the many TVD-less thursdays

14 May 12
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Ever since the finale I see all these people talking about Elena’s choice and how ‘wrong’ her reasons were. I would’ve much preferred Elena to chose Damon but I think people got the wrong idea when Elena said ‘maybe if you and I had met first.’
I don’t think she was choosing Stefan because she met him first. I think she was talking about how it would have been much easier for them to be together if Stefan hadn’t been the first one to make a move on Elena.
She wouldn’t have felt this guilty for wanting and loving her boyfriends brother. Elena felt guilty for wanting her boyfriends brother just as Damon felt guilty for wanting his brothers girl. She just wanted to say that the circumstances would have been much different if they met before her and Stefan did.

…If Damon hadn’t compelled her to forget.
That’s also another point, if Damon hadn’t compelled her and if they became friends, flirted and dated, things would have been much different. The journey we all saw wouldn’t have happened. The story would have been told much differently. They wouldn’t be the same Damon and Elena. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing but I don’t think the timing would have been right if Damon hadn’t compelled her. It wouldn’t have made much difference then, but now… after everything they have been through together, when Elena remembers the memories Damon compelled her to forget including their first meeting, it will have a much bigger impact.

12 May 12
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Reblog if you’re still optimistic about Delena. So many people are giving up and I just want to see people who are still holding on.

10 May 12
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It’s Mystic Falls, nothing bad ever happens here.
— Elena Gilbert
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